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Traveller in Time - contest winners

Mon Mar 16, 2015, 3:54 PM
And here is the conclusion of GrimGloomTale's 13th contest. There were so many fabulous entries that even a TARDIS could have a problem to fit their brilliance inside... you can view all the entries here.

First Place

Here-and-Now by EvaGataArtist
Here-and-Now by EvaGataArtist

Second Place

To see Clio's face by squidmaiden
To see Clio's face by squidmaiden

Third Place

My Mistress Of Time by AliceNACT
My Mistress Of Time by AliceNACT


The Little Time TravellerIt all began with a cardboard box; a simple cardboard box. There was nothing special about this brown box with its collection of colorful lines swirling in no particular direction across the sides; a canvas for a little boy’s marker collection. Each line told a story of excitement and adventure; a thrill that a little boy and his friend shared together.
In his arms, the little boy held Teddy, his protector from the evils of their travels. Lively blue eyes – full of a child’s wonder – glanced at his fuzzy friend, a big grin plastered on the young boy’s face. The things they had seen on their journeys defied everything the world had taught them to believe; but then again, they were too young to believe much of what the world had to say. They wanted to explore it for themselves.
“That outta do it,” he said with a nod of his head.
Gathering himself up, he set Teddy down in a chair and made his way to his closet. Sifting through the shirts and trous

The Little Time Traveller by SMAdams


I Can, I Will, I Have Done“You can’t.”
That’s how it started. A boy, a girl and the words, “You can’t”.
With her mother having died from pneumonia, only six months earlier, Suzie arrived at her 21st birthday realising little else had changed in her life. Her sole purpose was now to keep the house in order, an ordeal which started before dawn and ended way after her father and brother had gone to bed. There was bread to bake, grocery shopping to do, cleaning, cooking; the list was endless and she collapsed into bed at night for a fitful few hours sleep grabbed between her loads of work.
“Why was I born different ma?” She spoke to her mother as if she was there listening. “Why was I born like you, with the female body parts? All I want is to be like Phillip – he can run about, he can vote for change, a change that doesn’t affect me so much as him and father.” A small tear trickled down her cheek. “I’m clever too ma, smarter

I Can, I Will, I Have Done by MagicalJoey

It's a story not only very well written, but also talking about a very important subject.
The strong statement at the end is quite uplifting. A brilliant use of the contest's theme.

Dear GrimGloomTalers

It amazes me more and more how many contests we've been already through, and how many of you is always eager to join. Many thanks for those that participated this time, all of you - you did an awesome job. Lots of thanks to the voters (that's a thing I'll talk about further below). And, of course, all the thanks for the prize donors - I'll send you notes with the details on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I expect the next contest to be announced around April - I still need to decide which theme to go with, and there are so many, soooo many... In the meantime, I'll also post the Spring feature - can you believe that it's Spring this weekend already?

As for the voting - it was an interesting experiment, and I have some conclusions. First one is, most of you vote for 3 visual pieces anyway, as it was before, so I don't think we need the choose 3-5 option. Second one is, after making a separate category for literature, I got way more literature entries than usual - I think it's worth considering to expand it then, instead of making one place. Perhaps two? Please do write your opinions on this.

I suppose that's it for now - as usual, if you have any concerns about the group, send a note (to the group or to me, whatever you fancy - but I'll read the ones sent to the group earlier).

Have a lovely Spring.

Daenerys Targaryen and the silver by EvaGataArtistAion Nostalgia by EvaGataArtist
Ophelia Drowning by AliceNACTBook Cover by EvaGataArtistLeda and the swan by squidmaiden
When Moonlight meets water by squidmaidenOphelia's Madness by AliceNACTIt's Quite Alright by AliceNACT
HeartbeatAs I stared at your first picture,
tears fell from my pining eyes.
You were mine and I loved you,
but it was never to be.
A tiny little form on the screen
I could barely see, not moving.
You were beautiful and perfect,
and I could never tell you.
That precious little smile,
those wondrous big eyes,
your tiny precious ears,
I would never get to see.
Your soft young skin,
the small tuft of hair,
stretching little fingers,
I would never get to enjoy.
A little heartbeat I prayed to hear,
did not make that heavenly sound,
and my heart tore in two.
You were mine, but you silent
and always will.
I love you
Keeper of the Clock TowerI am the keeper of the clock; the guardian of time. I am the music of passing ages and long forgotten worlds.
Through the fleeting moments of time, she has wept over the keys of her eternal ivories, becoming the harmonious spells of her encumbrance. Many tears have been shed for the ticking hands of eternity as she sits alone; cursed to be alone for evermore. She rests on her immovable throne, singing the woeful song of her fate. Time is her puppet; her unending burden. Till the end, she is charged with its protection. Her sightless eyes see all; the past, present and future. She is as she is and has been; living in the tower.
I am the keeper of the clock; the guardian of time. I am the music of passing ages and long forgotten worlds.
Crumpled PagesShe sought refuge on a lone rock, watching small waves lap against the edges. It had been a beautiful day; one of new experiences and old acquaintances. As the sun was turning down its sheets and drifting below the horizon, shadows stretched from the boulders, wading in the water, with exhaustion from the day’s excitement. Ignoring the sun’s impending slumber, she remained motionless, consumed by troubling emotions.
It was her book; words she had penned to paper from her life experiences. The words had brought tears of joy and the sense of accomplishment, but the feelings have long since faded. Replaced with the confusion and disappointment, she stared at the pages with a pained disgust. The words were jumbled; having lost the passion that had given them existence. The letters she saw, the words she read, were not her own. They were foreign from beginning to end, no longer an expression of her, but of another’s ideas. Her thoughts had been twisted into something unrec

She Found PeaceShe Found Peace
I found a widow on my window.
Sending her into the forest
I bid her “go rest”.
Something similar
Happened with a cute caterpillar,
And I bid him “cometh”;
He arrived like a comet.
I found a widow on my window
And bid her “rest in peace”.
Dear Caterfly #422-2-15
To my darling Caterfly...
Do you understand now why it had to be done?
They hurt you in the process, but that was humans messing things up,
And you left for four years
But you never left me because I sent you a person to look to as an example;
My love shown through them:
I never stopped loving.
I wanted honesty.
I wanted rid of your double life – the lie you told others
To protect them from the you you thought they needed protecting from –
I wanted rid of the plastic lip service
And the heartless prayers
And the ache inside I had when I saw you so far away:
I wanted you close.
Do you see now the way you were?
Living under the pretence of spirituality so as to avoid attention,
Yet drawing attention to yourself because of the pretence?
You detracted from me
Because they were afraid of you.
They couldn’t handle you,
You couldn’t handle you,
But I could handle you – I will always be able to handle you –
And I needed you to se
Cookie KillersCookie Killers
Sugarcookies steal away inhibitions –
I shouldn’t have them –
And cloud my mind with sugarcrumbs:
I can’t think of anything else.
This pancreas can’t produce enough
Life-saving insulincells;
Not even on a normal day.
On a sugarcookieday the process halts –
Insulindependent cells halt –
And my diabetes begins to rolecall the cells
Into positions to kill.
The complementary touch by squidmaiden

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