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Welcome, welcome

What kind of art can you submit here?
To see the rules, follow the following White Rabbit.


Just one.

How many scientists does it take to invent a time machine?

A portal or an elevator, or perhaps a corridor with lots and lots of doors... how would you prefer to go back or forth and skip some years on your way? What would you wear to fit into the period? Would you take someone with you? Or maybe some unexpected companion was revealed, after hiding behind a curtain or under the stairs.

In this last contest of 2014, your task is to venture into the realm of time travellers. Is your time machine an actual machine, or just a doorway in the basement? Your task is to figure it out and describe or depict. You might present it in any time or place you want (remembering The Rules concerning modern things, please see to it to get the details). How about an alternate universe? You might include there anyone you want, whether it be yourself, or a friend, or someone imagined. But since this contest more than usually bases on your sole imagination, this time no fan art is allowed. So no TARDIS, I'm afraid. Don't worry, we will land on the deadline in 2015...

The contest folder for your entries can be accessed here. If your submission gets accepted, I will add it at the bottom of this journal and give it a number. There are allowed all the techniques that you may find in our gallery. Remember, aside from the contest theme, it must also fit The Rules.

VOTING - this time the voting is different than before, so please read along. For visual works, you have 6 points to spare - that is the same amount as before, but now you have the ability to give them to more entries - but you have to choose not less than 3 entries and no more than 5. Deviation with the most points is the winning one.

From literature entries, you will select one and write the number at the bottom of your voting comment (example: Literature - 13). After the votes are counted and the places are determined, I will choose one entry for the distinction, from the remaining deviations.

As usual, the voting will last two weeks (from the 1st to the 14th of March 2015) and begins after I announce it.

:bulletblack:Deadline: the 28th of February 2015.
:bulletblack:Limit of submissions: one piece per member.
:bulletblack:The entry must be prepared for the contest precisely.
:bulletblack:You must be a member to participate.


Newly updated prizes are marked with a :bulletyellow:.
Features by: Meredyth, MelikeBAt, erinclaireb, Doertchen, akitku, Inku-inku, SRudy, STelari, GrimGloomTale.

:bulletblack:First Place
- a small painting from erinclaireb
- a sketch from STelari
- 10 postcards (details here) from Art-and-books
- 100 points from MelikeBAt
- 100 points from Beltaneh
- 30 points from akitku:bulletyellow:

:bulletblack:Second Place
- a sketch from STelari
- 10 postcards (details here) from Art-and-books
- 100 points from MelikeBAt
- 70 points from Beltaneh
- 20 points from akitku:bulletyellow:

:bulletblack:Third Place
- a sketch from STelari
- 10 postcards (details here) from Art-and-books
- 100 points from MelikeBAt
- 60 points from Beltaneh
- 10 points from akitku:bulletyellow:

- an illustration of your text from AncaXBre
- a sketch from STelari
- a little booklet (details here) featuring the text from Art-and-books
- 100 points from MelikeBAt
- 90 points from Beltaneh
- 10 points from akitku:bulletyellow:

- a sketch from STelari
- 10 postcards or booklet (for visual or written entry) from Art-and-books
- 100 points from MelikeBAt
- 80 points from Beltaneh
- 10 points from akitku:bulletyellow:

Looking for prizes, please think about it!

Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year, good luck!


1.The Timeless Realm by pseudozufall   2.The Crazy Hat Guy by Lorelei-Cha   3.To see Clio's face by squidmaiden
4. Time Machine    I looked over to the clock as it struck its unknown hour, the four handed grandmother clock worked its incalculable rhythm, and striking a time no human truly knows. I sat fixated by the smooth deep red wood and watched the ornate hands move at one moment in unison and at another independently. The numbers, for want of a better term, are strange mystic symbols, some ancient and abundant in the archaeological record others unknown except for a few that when looking to the sky see not the stars but the darkness between, and its everlasting beckoning call.
                The clock stroke once more and I glanced at my pocket watch; I’d been watching the movement of the device in the corner of my study for over an hour yet only a moment had passed. After this chime there was a change, a subtle one, something different. There was a subdued hiss as if gas was released under pressure. I glanced
  5. Destroy the Present, Kill Your Past
The sound of grating. Broken nails upon solid wood. A clock grinding to its fractured halt. The last breath dragged in by the punctured lungs of someone dying on the floor.
And the cut-throat chill of a murderer's blade.
I look down at my hands, as if noticing their blood for the first time, spread all over the backs of my fingers and down the back of my hand, following a path along my arm. The same is true in my other hand, that clenched in the ruffles of Zyra's hair, the dirty red mixing with the black. Her eyes were closed, pushed down by hands trembling in pain, dark skin warm, now, just minutes after death.
Taking the needle from her rugged palm, I hold her hand, cradling it in my own. I sit there, numb, for moments on end, until I slowly release her hand and stand up numbly, letting it fall to the ground. The knife in her chest, red in its tomb of blood, stands with its handle facing me, a mark against Zyra's innocence
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