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Welcome, welcome

What kind of art can you submit here?
To see the rules, follow the following White Rabbit.


Bring on the singing.

The voting for this contest's theme was quite interesting to follow, and it gives some good suggestions for the next competitions, with mermaids gathering 26 votes, Scottish legends 25 votes, and witches 24 votes. This contest will be fishy.

Our Spring 2015 competition is a mixture of water and seductive singing, and there might be dinner involved. Are the mermaids nice and pretty, or rather the more believable dangerous hunters? Do they live in warm shelf waters, or are they the dwellers of the deep? Don't forget this group's name.

Voting details will be added when the voting is due (the 26th of July). No major changes.

:bulletblack: Deadline: the 25th of July 2015
:bulletblack: Limit of submissions: one piece per member.
:bulletblack: The entry must be prepared for the contest precisely.
:bulletblack: The entry must follow the group rules.
:bulletblack: Literature submissions must be under 1000 words.
:bulletblack: No fan art allowed. Imagination!
:bulletblack: Folder for contest entries is right here.


Newly added prizes are marked with a :bulletyellow:.
Features by: MagicalJoey :bulletyellow:, erinclaireb :bulletyellow:, Agaave , Meredyth, SRudy, STelari, GrimGloomTale.

:bulletblack: First Place
- a small painting from erinclaireb :bulletyellow:
- a watercolour halfbody from EccentricTeatime
- a traditional art headshot from Kysymysmerkki
- a sketch from Checanty
- a sketch from STelari
- 50 points from Agaave
- 30 points from siss-sz
- a llama from OmbreLunaire

:bulletblack: Second Place
- a sketch from STelari
- 40 points from Agaave
- 30 points from siss-sz
- a llama from OmbreLunaire

:bulletblack: Third Place
- a sketch from STelari
- 30 points from Agaave
- 30 points from siss-sz
- a llama from OmbreLunaire

:bulletblack: Literature
- a sketch from Checanty
- a sketch from STelari
- 40 points from Agaave
- 30 points from siss-sz
- a llama from OmbreLunaire

:bulletblack: Distinction
- a sketch from Checanty
- a sketch from STelari
- 40 points from Agaave
- 30 points from siss-sz
- a llama from OmbreLunaire

Looking for prizes, please think about it!

Have a good Summer.


1.Sirene by Valadomi   2.Waterbaby by EccentricTeatime   3.Mermaid and Young Sailor by AnnSofieVejs
4.Mermaid by pseudozufall   5.Mermaid and Merrow by erinclaireb   6. Queen of the SeasOh noble albatross, flying witness for the world I now tell,
of ancient creatures dwelling far below in that watery hell.
Where the waters grow cold and stagnant and no sound disturbs,
lives one so cruel and dark, beyond all definition and words.
In the thick and gloom of deserts ebony, far off from shore,
setting eyes upon her and you will see land again nevermore.
Rising from the surface, a lovely maiden with wistful hair,
seductive thick lips and an upper torso left completely bare.
She is a mermaid, the great demon Queen of the seas,
with a kiss capable of making the currents of ones blood freeze.
And as the oceans tempest's bellowing, thundering clears,
she'll climb up ship's rails, playing upon both hopes and fears.
Her moods shifting with the waves, whims going to and fro,
but the end is always the same, pulling her victims far below.
Only then, after revealing her many sharp talons and teeth,
viciously consuming flesh as her prey screams from underneath.
To a graveyard in veils

7.Fable of The Mermaid and The Drunks by AliceNACT   8.Muddy mermaid by JettieHier   9. Siren SongSiren Song
I am the siren of the sea and waves,
Come, be mine, heed my call and marry me;
Give me yourself for the rest of your days
For I will swim through the oceans and seas
To have you by my side tonight.
I am one with the deepest, darkest depths
Of depravity; a siren in all
Ways true – come swim the heights and widths and breadths
As I swim with you – come with me, stand tall,
Tail to tail within the moonlight.
Bear my crown of shells upon your wide brow
And my belt of kelp around your waistline,
The time has come for us, the time’s come now
To swim down through the deep, leave all behind;
Blessed be love and the lovers fight.
I am the siren of the deepest dark,
Together we have conquered and shall rule
All the land and sea and sky, leave our mark
Upon the world of mankind, those so cruel
Will rue the day of mermaid’s blight.

10.Mermaid by ArteSerberal   11.In Deeper Waters by LiquidFaeStudios   12.Songs for the sweetboy by Ilman-Lintu
13.Abyssal Mermaid by tymora11   14.Enigma De Profundis by TrollGirl   15. The Cargo    The merchant walked along the cobblestone path, the scent of meadow flowers tickling his nose.  He brushed the dust and pollen off his faded clothes and graying beard to have something to do.  All the songs he knew were spent hours ago, leaving only the wind to sing its melody.  But he had no choice but to ignore any music that reached his ears.  His life depended on it.
    The merchant almost missed the gathering of people in elaborate clothing and the red and gold flags dancing with the wind until they were almost upon him.  He stopped and moved to one side to let them pass, but instead the group stopped beside him.  The head of the procession, a young man in rich fabrics that were cut in a simple design, looked directly at the merchant.
    “Sir,” the stranger began, “where are you headed?”
     “To the nearest market.  The sailor

16.The Siren by Veitstanzproject   17.Dweller in the Deep by RatatoskAS
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