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Welcome, welcome

It's all about the things living under the ash bark.

What kind of art can you submit here?
To see the rules, follow the following White Rabbit.

Here is the conclusion of our second GrimGloomTale contest in 2014: your 42 votes have just been summed up, time to announce the winners. You can view all the entries as well as the contest's details here.

First Place

Almost Ready by akitku

Almost Ready by akitku received from you 47 points.

Waiting for the Summer by akitkuhe doesn't know why by akitkuThe Hounds of Winter by akitku

Second Place

Are you ready to go? by EccentricTeatime

Third Place

Say goodbye by Kafkami

Say goodbye by Kafkami scored 31 points.

Houleuse rencontre by KafkamiUnder the celestial lights by KafkamiThe troll asleep by Kafkami


Better Lands than OursShe had been planning this night for years, and with each passing day she felt as though she drew closer to her destination. This single destination, as it was classed in her mind, was actually a conglomeration of every distant land imaginable. They varied from the desert sands upon which the sun never stopped shining, blinding even in her imagination, to the castle upon distant cliffs that was painted to blend into the midday sky. She had heard of them from the wanderers who flocked to her father's eccentric store, and with each new description by another visitor their existence grew more possible, more feasible for her to reach once she left her domestic valley. In reality the fantastic lands lay an incalculable amount of distance away and grew no closer despite her feeling that they did so-- but her mounting courage to leave home did. And now the time had finally come.
She slung her small rucksack over her shoulder, just as she had done each night for years in preparation, both test

Better Lands than Ours by EvelynTaliette is mysterious and murky, making an intriguing introduction to something that will surely turn out to be quite an adventure.

The TruthWe lie in wait and I say, "He's
as determined as a
child being eaten away by cancer, Swearing that she'll cure herself
Blackened cell at a time."
Though as we spoke his frailty was being swallowed
whole by a bed of wrongs, made servant to
the things he wished to Change, Transform, into
both the common and the beautiful
as one strong of heart does,
but with all the anger and resolution of one helpless to do so--
"But when the enemy is already inside, throwing fits of
Reckless destruction like
a human-animal (refined/Confined by its thoughts)..."
They are
(and he was)
Prodded into the fight, and in the face of death
bowed into
a state of disregard, without care for kith, Kin,
or any other living being--
we were cast aside as he
faced each minute as one would
a hurricane, battling to just stay
The child fights, each five
tiny fingers clinging tight to each minute, second
listening to the doctors guessing
at the thousands of cancerous cells
left alive after the the
White Winter SpiritsWe had forgotten long ago. All of our precious memories had been wrapped meticulously inside our red scarves and animal skin coats, free from the mind but kept close to skin for safekeeping. Like loved children bundled in winter fabric, we are fragile inside our layered past; like lost children forgotten by all we know, we wander aimlessly. Our minds are tainted with the constant ache of homesickness- the stars blazing overhead through the flurry of snow never stops urging us onwards, to seek the stars we remember from home.
In silence, our pack travels. The snow, our shroud, makes no noise as we step upon its banks; the forest, dead from the sting of winter, voices no protests as we wander in its depths; the pack, its individual persons scattered, fights the relentless wind to reach our unattainable goal.
Our ethereal bodies are unable to be touched by the world in which we once lived. Our boots leave no tracks in the snow, nor does our heaving breath leave fog in the air. The memorie
Shattered Glass and Stepping StonesThe brilliance of the setting sun
Is captured, held tight
By the surface of the pond-
Dark and unknown
Beneath its reflection.
Tranquil beneath its stuttering gait,
Encompassed by thick woodlands,
And guarded by strong-armed branches
That wave at all passing by
With their feathered, individual leaves.
A ghost of a little girl-
Scraped knees, bird’s nest of tangled hair.
Laughing, bare feet pounding in tune
Across fallen logs and exposed roots
Flitting in and out of sight
As she traverses
Her little forest kingdom.
Hidden are her special stones
Plucked from the depths of the pond
And piled in hidden nooks
With woven grass crowns-
Calm, mosaic nests.
Such was the land I used to know
My boyhood, etched into every stone
Of this forgotten pond,
Now muddled with dirt.
I still see that last sunset
Emblazoned into the weathered fabric
Of the inside of my eyes
My fingers tiptoe-
Miniature stepping stones
Emanating ripples.
The glass of the surface

Dear GrimGloomTalers

That was the 11th contest at our group, time flies indeed. The next contest journal will be posted after our Summer feature, so expect it in August. Bring some umbrellas and perhaps spoons, they might come of handy with the theme.

Huge thanks to all the participants - as usual, voting led to tough choices (so thanks to the voters, too). It needs to be mentioned that Hunting the magical squirrel by Checanty received 30 points, just 1 less than the third place. Other entries weren't far off, too. Well done, everyone! And thanks goes also to our superb prize donors - I'll send you notes with details today yet.

Have a great week.

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