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Welcome, welcome

What kind of art can you submit here?
To see the rules, follow the following White Rabbit.

How to vote - first, second and third place - are choosen by you. Every entry have its own number, so voting looks like this: in a comment you write three (no more and no less) numbers and points - three points for your most favourite one, two points for your preferable second place and one point for the third. So it should look like this:
    10. 3 points
    21. 2 points
    4. 1 point
Remember - all of the submissions deserve your attention, which means also reading the literature ones. Voting will be closed after two weeks (the 8th of November). The deviation with the highest number of points is the winning one. After the votes are counted, I shall choose a deviation which gets the distinction (from all the submissions except the 3 winners).


Features by: DarkLiminality, ezradeacon, Apocalypse-writing, Meredyth, erinclaireb, Agaave, SandraHultsved, akitku, STelari, GrimGloomTale.

:bulletblack:First Place
- a small painting from erinclaireb
- a free postcard size commission from Checanty
- a print of choice from Inku-inku
- a free commission from yanadhyana
- a free commission from Howllaby
- a sketch from Valadomi
- a sketch from STelari
- 300 points from EccentricTeatime
- 65 points from Agaave
- 50 points from akitku
- 20 points from athr10

:bulletblack:Second Place
- an ink ACEO drawing from DarkLiminality
- a free commission from Howllaby
- a sketch from Valadomi
- a sketch from STelari
- 200 points from EccentricTeatime
- 45 points from Agaave
- 50 points from akitku
- 14 points from athr10

:bulletblack:Third Place
- a free commission from Howllaby
- a sketch from STelari
- 100 points from EccentricTeatime
- 40 points from Agaave
- 50 points from akitku
- 10 points from athr10

- a free postcard size commission from Checanty
- a painting from Sieskja
- a sketch from STelari
- 60 points from STelari
- 50 points from EccentricTeatime
- 50 points from Agaave
- 50 points from akitku

Looking for prizes, please think about it!

Good luck!


1. A MermaidShe conjures quite a storm,
Sends up great waves to swarm the deck,
To drown the crew and wreck
Their ship and snap the neck of those
Not yet in their death throes.
As ev’ry sailor knows, a maid
Who dwells in ocean’s shade
Will lure them far from aid, from land,
And with bewitching hand,
She’ll toss them, sink them and destroy
The lives of man and boy,
So that she may employ their ship
As home, and she will strip
It bare, and then equip the thing
With ev’ry belonging
She likes; perhaps she’ll sing as she,
A maiden fair and free,
Hangs shells and all things sea, and weeds…
’Tis all a mermaid needs;
These are the very deeds that show
She owns the place, and so
All sea-dwellers will know that she,
This daughter of the sea,
Has claimed the ship to be her base,
Her private, wicked space,
Her stolen, murdered place of warm.
  2.Black Bubbles by LodeinArt   3. Leaves Upon the Sea
The leaves shall turn and dance as they fall upon the waves,
Drowning ever slowly as the tumult overwhelms them.
The hand that man once held shall soon be grasping for the air,
And the red and green and brown shall crown the place where he will fall.
Bubbles rise, gasping to the surface,
Pockets of dioxide forced out from the mouth
As the blood-wetted lips start losing their cohesion.
Blood, air, and water;
All have mingled in the depths.
The leaves rained down amidst the waves,
To find the blood-soaked haft.
Red and yellow and green and blue;
Death has come to all.

4.Watery Hair Nymph (So Much Water) by erinclaireb   5.Autumn spirit by Ilman-Lintu   6.So Much Water by pseudozufall
7.It Came with the Rain by EccentricTeatime   8.island by anniania   9.Pas de d'Eau by phantsythat
10.Water lily by Gawarin   11.Reaching by Checanty   12. Kaelpie    The moon was full and the water was black, gently slapping against the shore as she walked her lonely path home. It was darker than usual, winter was drawing close and the hem of her skirt was collecting moisture. She cast her gaze over the water, tracing the line of the opposite bank as something stirred briefly in the water; she watched it as the ripples appeared to draw in on her.
Her heart began to pound. As she moved it changed direction, angling towards her. She increased her pace, the heavy petticoats swinging, the stiff fabric making the increased speed difficult. She looked over again; it was close now, ten feet, maybe less. She tried to run, but was hindered by her garments. She looked back again; a creature could be seen, oily dark gelatinous skin almost breaking the water.
She ran into something, taller and more solid than she was. Landing heavily on the ground, she heard the water splashing and looked up where a pale horse stood as if waiting for her, ca

13.When Moonlight meets water by squidmaiden   14.Old sailor's last song by AncaXBre   15.All the long rain by vladimirsangel
16.Dream of the blue turtles by TrollGirl   17.Ahmed and the Mermaid by Sieskja   18.Treasures from the darkest depths by JettieHier
19.Underwater Lights II by yanadhyana   20.Mistress of the Depths by EvaGataArtist   21.You claim to be a wild thing? by Doertchen
22.Too Much Rain by nokeek   23.Ophelia by Lorelei-Cha   24.The Downfall of Numenor by WollemiSiss
25.Wave Maidens by DarkLiminality   26.The water can't drown me by MrSunnytale   27.The same deep water as you by akitku
28.Watery Reverie by Inku-inku
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