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Mermaids - Contest Winners

Wed Aug 12, 2015, 5:09 AM
I suppose that the oceans are big enough to fit all the awesomeness that this contest has brought. Every single entry in GrimGloomTale's 14th contest is worth featuring here, but as it is with contests, winners have to be chosen, so here they are. You can view all the entries right here.

First Place

Beach Holiday by Checanty
Beach Holiday by Checanty
with 53 points.

Second Place

Waterbaby by EccentricTeatime
Waterbaby by EccentricTeatime
with 49 points.

Third Place

Enigma De Profundis by TrollGirl
Enigma De Profundis by TrollGirl
with 28 points.


Selkie Shores'You're from the mainland, aye?' the fisherman said.  'I'll tell you one of Orkney's legends.'
'Oh aye?'
'Ever heard of selkies?'
'Tell me.'
'Mermaids, lass,' the fisherman said.  'Nae the fish-tailed women of the deep, mind.  They're here on our very shores.  You see, selkie means -'
'Seal,' she said.  'I know.  Go on.'
'Well, lass, beneath the skins of each seal is a beautiful woman.  If one sheds her skin, and a lad finds it and hides it, she has to marry him.'
She laughed.  'Och, away with you!'
''Tis true, lass.'
'Why wouldn't the selkie do anything about it?'
'She cannae find her skin,' said the fisherman, 'and she cannae return to the sea without it.'
'Does she even bother to look for it?'
''Tis generally the bairns that find her skin.  Then she leaves her human family for the sea.'
'She must be weak-willed indeed to have this fellow's children.'
'They are weak-willed beings.'
'What about the bull seals?' she asked.  'The men?'

Selkie Shores by ThornyEnglishRose
was voted for 19 times.


Mermaid and Merrow by erinclaireb
Mermaid and Merrow by erinclaireb
- is a well done illustration with a funny theme and interesting mythological background. Brings a smile right away.

Dear GrimGloomTalers

Time really does fly. It feels like the first contest in this group was not farther in the past as last week, and yet here it is, the 14th competition has just ended. GGT has grown well during those 4 years since I founded it, and it's uplifting to observe how it gathers so many so awesome artists and writers, supporters, and other fantastic people.

The next contest will be one of the two themes I mentioned in this contest's entries journal (the one linked at the beginning of this one). See you in September! But before that happens, there is still the Summer feature of our underappreciated works - expect it soon.

Have a lovely rest of the Summer

Jackdaws by ChecantyThe Cat and the Moon by Checanty
A window in time by ChecantyLeak by Checanty
Post-Morning Half Bruncheon by EccentricTeatimeThe Clockwork Wimble by EccentricTeatime
Dead Fishes by EccentricTeatimeYearling by EccentricTeatime
Psychopony by TrollGirlMothface by TrollGirlThe Door by TrollGirl
Intelligent Zombies'If you challenge him, you get me.'
Catie stared at him.  It took her a long time to answer.  Eventually she said, 'We're soldiers, Doc.  We don't want you!'
They were standing on the roof of the research building, one in a lab coat and one in camouflage.  They looked down on the facility's well kept garden, fenced off from what was left of their world, and was Catie's world still.
'How typical,' said Dr Love.  'Just what I should have expected from the kill first, ask questions later camp.  You could really use someone with my brains out there, young Catherine.  How do you hope to end this madness if you're only adding to it with your senseless violence?'
'Dr Love,' said Catie.  'You wouldn't last five minutes “out there”.  I mowed down fifty zombies to get over here, and now you tell me it's because you can't control one of your own!  How do you expect me to take you seriously?'
Dr Love looked sheepish.
'He's not hu
Haworth'Housekeeper?  Who says so?  I could be a governess!'
'Darling,' said Maria, 'calm down.'
'Why are you being Mother?  You are clever!  You have an imagination!  I'm the housekeeper!'
'Elizabeth, curb your vices!'
Charlotte looked disapproving.
'Not worth teaching French and music to?  Fine.  You all be governesses!  Even her!'  She pointed.  'Those people aren't the warm-hearted matrons you'll hope for, young Anne!'
Anne was three and not listening.
They said she was the cleverest one of all, but she died anyway.
'Maria,' Charlotte whispered.  'Are you awake?'
She was not dead yet.  She opened her eyes.
'I am content, Charlotte.  Comfort Elizabeth.'
'Oh,' said Charlotte, 'they are mistaken!  You could not speak so calmly if you were going to die.'
A sob came on Maria's other side.
'Don't fear for me, Emily.  No coward soul is mine.'
'Cathy's brother!  And now in Ch
PruningEach springtime, over months and years,
I come at you with pruning shears.
I snip the weeds that steal your light,
That grow too wild, that don't look right.
Some flowers were not meant to thrive,
Why keep their feeble hopes alive?
I tear up grass grown tall around,
Too common for such fertile ground.
I cut the drooping heads from you,
Where leaves grow dark, I cut them too.
Then, leaving you in wintry lands,
I lock my shed and wash my hands.
SekhmetNo lion, but a lioness
Were you, their deity of war.
More often god; there, then, goddess,
No lion, but a lioness.
Men may make women powerless,
Yet whose the warlike, godlike roar?
No lion's, but a lioness'.
Were you their deity of war?
Revelation by TrollGirlScarves by erinclaireb
Each Uisge Asleep by erinclairebPuca by erinclairebSwan Maiden by erinclaireb

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