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What kind of art can you submit here?
To see the rules, follow the following White Rabbit.

Summer is nearly over, so it's time to sum it up in this little feature. As usual, I included only works that have below 100 favourites - hard to believe considering what fabulous pieces they are. I still had to pick among dozens of others, so you better go and check them out in GGT's galleries. 

A new contest is coming... 

I wish you a lovely Autumn!

Traditional Art

Drowning by MyFantasieSnowy Tree by LAGONZA
Kay and Gerda by Last-ValentinePandora's Box by ManelleOliphant
Blood on the rime by Ink-YamiPatron Saint of Children by EccentricTeatimeForest Spirit by SandraHultsved
the girl and the bear by ArteSerberal22-passing the torch from sorrow to joy by CynthiaJohanssonSmallDoodlings4/4: Lights of the Night by weirdo-mess
Butterfly Friend by AvoiceDandelions by isletreeHarpy by The-Monster-Shop
Home by RainerKalwitzIn Cammino - On the way by Noemi-SarzottoTo The Forest by BusiaSlonson

Digital Art

Ursula by EsquirolRed Eyed Mermaid by BonninoKatyushka by Lanatopol
Autumn by ReihaRinEmptiness by charcoalfeatherOlga by mahtte
Ialu by grasfluestererVastago021 by AsfodeloThe path by yinetyang
Ritual by kinixukigreen by Ann-Jean


The First ProblemThe door wouldn’t open; that was the first problem. She had the right key. She knew that part. And she’d pushed. Hard.
The girl twisted her hair between her fingers. She should have a magic saber saw, something. Something always in the stories gave the heroine a chance. But the door wouldn’t open, and she didn’t have a magic saw.
She plopped on the porch step. No key. No saw. No knight on horseback. She glanced around, half seriously, for a bottle that said “Eat me” or “Drink me”—even a caterpillar with a hookah.
The girl whistled, pulled out a copy of Archie and Jughead. A one-eared white cat butted its head against her leg. Then, she stomped up to the door. “Pretty please, door—open?”
Nothing. The cat butted her again. It was worth a try.
The girl lingered in the sun, kicking at the rocks on the sidewalk. Something hard glittered beneath her feet. She leaned over and saw a raised, silver button, sli
Into the Dark SeaIra was a man I once knew who wore seashells in his hair. He smoked cigars until the vapors clouded around his dread-locked head, and he told once-upon-a-times to us town kids. Ira believed the stars were really fireflies. “They’re the brave ones that done flown too high. Got stuck up there and now they shine all night,” he said.
Ira was a man I knew who made a boat and sailed across the sea. “I’ll see you ‘round now,” he said to me. He was a magic man on a paper ship, off to find a neverland of our dreams. “If you are good, I’ll send for you someday.”
I watch fireflies now and wait. He left seashells on his porch. I kick them into rain puddles.
PoppiesHe dreams of her
and bleeds out -
the secret life of poppies
and visions that
have lost their way;
of cardinals thrashing
in the branches
and the pricking of thumbs
like last rites.
He has forgotten himself
a thousand times -
the soft glint
of bone and skin
bristling behind the thick
panelled doors
where she gathers
the lines of his palms
and leans back into
waiting for a key
to find its fate
in the wrong doorway.
Jacq the Lad/Jacquotte the LadyAt least she wouldn't to sink this time.  Storms were worse at sea.  However, when her hat blew away and revealed her trademark red hair, she knew she had to get undercover.
There was wind, rain and a bar.  In the bar were a bartender, and a woman at a corner table who hadn't touched her wine.
'Raining, is it?' said the bartender.
'Oui,' said Jacq, then realised he had spoken English.  'Rum, please.'
'Do me a favour,' said the bartender.  'Speak to her.  She's been through something, I can tell.'
One look, and Jacq knew he was right.  She took her rum to the woman's table.
No response.
The woman looked up.  Jacq saw the pain in her eyes.  She sat down, remembering how she had wanted to be spoken to when she was hurting.
'I need a new hat,' she said conversationally.  'I must be a man, for I am hiding.'
The woman looked at her, and Jacq understood.
'You hide too?  It is hard, non?  Since

RemnantI am what is and was and what shall remain
When all is rust and lashed with rain
The dreams of man echo with silence
Hushed by the clock ticking with lament
Gears still wind and fingers revolve
The hourglass turns with heartless resolve
Monuments crumble as they're ravaged by time
A civilised plague to my tendrils and vines
All are gone but whispers remain
No-one left to mold the clay
Empty rooms of life bereft
For whom does the clock tick when mankind has left?
lapse lamentif you were a mollusk in my ocean bed, resting green,
I'd tell you sweetly in a white wine whisper
not to go, not to go
to the ocean that sings
down sycamore way, where the grouper jump
the wet waves rushing up the mouth
of providence
those epinephulis girls- the frilled skirt goddesses-
they'll take you through time on a bent blade
of summergrass
and I can't stand to lose you so
No Face, He Had No Face!It is another dreary Monday outside of Summit View. The heavy grey clouds again shroud this dismal asylum in darkness. For Nicola Markov it has been six long years since he was sentenced to life inside the Mason Psychiatric Institute; six long years since Markov was arrested and tried for the brutal murder of two young campers on his property.
“He had no face, that damn bastard, the man of cloth, had no face,” Dr. Alexander said to his colleague George Stephens. “Those are the only words Nicola Markov has spoken in his seven years here at the hospital, and I still have no idea what they mean. He just stares at the wall repeating that statement. That is why I called you in. Your hypnotherapy experiments have shown tremendous results, and are becoming more widely accepted.”
“Thank you, John, but my studies have not been perfect, and there have been some extreme side effects that have popped up.” George replied, “Are you sure you want to attempt t

Sculpture and Artisan Crafts

a letter [Large version] (2015) by makihinoKirin by hon-anim
Luna Moth 1 by quirkandbrambleBryonia, Bryony - Elven Leaf Amethyst~ by QuintessentialArts
King's Fate by BCcreativityRrorr by SweetSignMidnight Siren by AliceTerrarium

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