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Submitted on
July 26, 2012


21 (who?)
This contest has ended. The winners announement can be found here.

It's Owls' Time!

In this contest, your task is to not quite portray an owl, but include it in a depicted (or described) situation, where the owl (or owls!) is just one of the picture's or writting's elements. An owl watching a murderer and his poor victim or sitting in an opened window of witch's hut? Or something else?

In this contest we've got a special folder for the entries! It can be accessed here. If your submission gets accepted, I will edit this entry and your piece will be featured here, so everybody could see how awesome things you can do. There are allowed all the techniques you may find in our gallery, and remember, it must fit The Rules.

    :bulletblack:Deadline: the 20th of September 2012, 10 p.m. GMT.
    :bulletblack:Limit of submissions: two pieces per member.
    :bulletblack:The entry can be old or new.
    :bulletblack:You must be a member to participate.

How to vote - first, second and third place - are choosen by you. Every entry have its' own number, so voting looks like this: in a comment you write three (no more and no less) numbers and points - three points for your most favourite one, two points for your preferable second place and one point for the third. So it should look like this:

10. 3 points
21. 2 points
4. 1 point

Remember - all of the submissions deserve your attention, which means also reading the literature ones. Voting will be closed after two weeks (October 4th). The deviation with the highest number of points is the winning one. After the votes are counted, I shall choose a deviation which gets the distinction (from all the submissions except the 3 winners).


All the winners will have a feature in our group. Also, they will be featured by Sieskja, Meredyth, akitku, NoctiLuna, erinclaireb, STelari, Realm-of-Fantasy, Through-Emilys-Eyes.

    :bulletblack:First Place - a sketch from STelari - a sketch from erinclaireb - a painting from Sieskja - 30 points from Finnguala - literature request from ravenwritingclaw :bulletblack:Second Place - a sketch from STelari - a painting from Sieskja - 25 points from Finnguala :bulletblack:Third Place - a sketch from STelari - a painting from Sieskja - 20 points from Finnguala :bulletpurple:Distinction - a portrait from STelari - a journal skin made by STelari (or a sketch) - a painting from Sieskja - 25 points from Finnguala

Good luck and have a nice day,


1.Sprite Summoning by erinclaireb  2.The Owl Maiden by Lea5000  3.Blodeuwedd in Winter by YvonneVetjens
4. The WizardFace hidden by his cowl,
An aged wizard shuts his book,
Watched only by his owl.
A tall, grey, wizened fowl,
He's caught in her unblinking look,
Face hidden by his cowl.
His bones creak, groan and growl,
As up he stands, with hand on crook,
Watched only by his owl.
He hears the cold wind's howl,
The squawks of the portending rook,
Face hidden by his cowl.
That hood conceals a scowl.
He lifts a locket from its hook,
Watched only by his owl.
Through dark night he does prowl,
A spell locked in that charm he took,
Face hidden by his cowl,
Watched only by his owl.
  5.The Guides by DanAngelone  6.Dream State by palet-pod
7.Werewolf by Woschaebedip  8.the breeder of owls by terrygu  9.Ladies of the forest by NoctiLuna
10.Six Owls by akitku  11.No Match For Her by isdira  12. Meals at DuskAn owl parliament
drifting over the woods
during a long dusk,
in search of new nests.
These icy ones
scoured for their meal
but found one
taking place before them
as they saw a man standing over
another man, drained of his blood
and left, lifeless, to rot in plain sight
though the frost can preserve a corpse.
The "living" man laughed in joy
and dissolved into a mist
from which flittermice escaped.
The scandians, lying in wait
attacked the bat colony for food.
Blood-sucker - stabbed and
torn apart,
like the one before.

13.Lonely man's wisdom by MonetsWife  14.It's owls' time! by Valentina-Mustajarvi  15.To guide your dreams.. by Valentina-Mustajarvi
16.Among the birch trees by NoctiLuna  17.Autumn Owl by LiquidFaeStudios
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16 - 3 points
15 - 2 points
14 - 1 point
MysticKenji Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
6. 3 points
4. 2 points
13. 1 point
Aya-Lunar Sep 29, 2012   Traditional Artist
15: 3 points
4: 2 points
1: 1 point
rafun1312 Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
11: 3
4: 2
15: 1
GrimDreamArt Sep 28, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Wonderful entries! It's really hard to choose only three.
14. - 3 points
17. - 2 points
12. - 1 point
4. -> 3 points
15. -> 2 points
1. -> 1 point
Gujozec Sep 28, 2012   Traditional Artist
1. 3 points
9. 2 points
14. 1 point
Ytril Sep 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
1. - 3p.
17. - 2p.
6. - 1p.
ZawArt Sep 28, 2012   Traditional Artist
17- 3
3- 2
13- 1
Good luck!:ahoy:
LiquidFaeStudios Sep 27, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
1. 3 points
14. 2 points
4. 1 point
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