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October 17, 2012
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This contest has ended. The winners announement can be found here.

In this contest, your task will be to portray some atmospheres of Autumn - at least two! Crispy mornings, rainy afternoons, chilly nights with skies full of stars... morning mists, frozen leaves, mud, clouds and wind... plenty to choose from.

How to vote - first, second and third place - are choosen by you. Every entry have its' own number, so voting looks like this: in a comment you write three (no more and no less) numbers and points - three points for your most favourite one, two points for your preferable second place and one point for the third. So it should look like this:

10. 3 points
21. 2 points
4. 1 point

Remember - all of the submissions deserve your attention, which means also reading the literature ones. Voting will be closed after two weeks (Dec 21st). Deviations prepared specially for the contest get +3 points. The deviation with the highest number of points is the winning one. After the votes are counted, I shall choose a deviation which gets the distinction (from all the submissions except the 3 winners).


All the winners will have a feature in our group. Also, they will be featured by Nameda, akitku, NoctiLuna, Sieskja, Meredyth, erinclaireb, STelari and Realm-of-Fantasy.

    :bulletblack:First Place - 1 month premium membership from OfOneSoul - a drawing from Ytril - a drawing from Sieskja - a coloured illustration from BeckyDIllustrations - a sketch from STelari - a sketch from erinclaireb - a sketch from NoctiLuna - a llama badge from Starija - a llama badge from Valentina-Mustajarvi :bulletblack:Second Place - a drawing from Sieskja - a lineart from BeckyDIllustrations - a sketch from STelari - a sketch from Meredyth - a sketch from Ytril - a llama badge from Starija - a llama badge from Valentina-Mustajarvi :bulletblack:Third Place - a drawing from Sieskja - a sketch from STelari - a sketch from Ytril - a sketch from Valentina-Mustajarvi - a llama badge from Starija - a llama badge from Valentina-Mustajarvi :bulletpurple:Distinction - a drawing from Sieskja - a lineart from BeckyDIllustrations - 2 sketches from STelari - a sketch from Ytril - a llama badge from Starija - a llama badge from Valentina-Mustajarvi

Have a nice day and good luck!


1. I Knew You in Your AutumnI knew you in your autumn,
your green days turning golden
then dancing before us, passing gently
one by one, blazing,
the colours of fire.  I see them
framed by bright blue sky, crisp and clear,
your sunshine not yet fading but a bite to the wind
as suddenly you fly
in one last blizzard of
brown, yellow, orange (so much bolder
than when you were only green) and
red, your favourite colour against
blue, mine.  The sun is brighter than ever
but sets all too soon.  The night is deep,
an eternity of memories, squirreled away
to keep you safe, your heart fragile,
you are frightened of the cold.  I know
how you miss your spring and summer.
Your days have fallen, but we kick them up
and laugh and smile as they stick to our clothes, our hair,
our hearts.  They whisper and they shout,
warm and stark and whole and beautiful
but they are dying.
The feisty bite turns to bitter chill.
The blue turns dull, to grey then black
and rain dampens your days
   2.The Watcher by Lea5000   3.
4.Autumn romance by birkey-fox   5. Turmoil Crisp, cool autumn air always brings my breath short, and I watch it curl in thin wisps as it stretches in tendrils towards the sky. There's nothing like autumn, or watching amber and crimson stars of leaves fall from oak and ash trees while I walk; or hearing the crunch of dried, golden leaves beneath my feet. The sweet odour of bonfires being lit and the cries of fireworks soaring into the night, the hot flames that lick and spit oranges and yellows and the bursts of reds, greens and blues that light the nights and warm your heart. Days are cooler, twilight comes sooner and envelopes the day to reveal a rich and dark night, laced through the air with clouds that hide the moon in their folds. I watch it all from the safety and warmth of my home with a mug of steaming chocolaty liquid for company... Autumn has always been my favoured season...
Biting, cold air and chattering teeth, I watch as the night steals my breath from me. There's nothing like autumn, the dead leaves colou
   6.Book Art- Theatre set. by Rose-Ann-Mary-K
7.Autumn by Doberlady   8. The Mating Season
The copse was luminous and inviting.
Balmy winds shifted and the leaves swirled in tuneful coils.
He crushed the vivid ambers and yellows with grimy boots;
Feet scuffing the supple earth with each enthralled step.
She inhaled a surging gust
and spread her arms in temptation.
Her warm breeze thrust him in
and he clung to her, obsessed.
Undeniably beautiful was she, that he didn't comprehend
the brambles that curled around her legs
and the twigs that rose in the deep red of her verdant hair.
Her lips were soft and her touch bewitching,
like the undisturbed soil next to a water's edge.
That's where he laid her down
and took all that could be given.
Through slumber he was not aware what soon would be returned.
Damp mists and darkness engulfed the quieted creek;
the ambers had drained and washed away the essence of the marsh.
Cold awoke all visitors - disenchanted.
Gales were silenced and the darkness moved only for one sound;
the breathing of a heavy beast whose power
  9.Autumn Leaves by Erianrhod
10.The Lowest Trees Have Tops by akitku   11.Autumn's Chalice by TrollGirl   12.In a haste by Doertchen
13. I Never AskedThey never asked her where she went. Neither did I.
It was November the first, if I recall, and an unusually blustery day at that. The wind was that special kind of sharp, and the sky that deep shade of purply-grey. The leaves had all but lost their autumn splendor, trading the crimsons and golds for deep, sick browns. They blew in little cyclones, the dry rattle of their husks making a unearthly backdrop for the evening's happening.
Dinner had been ham and potatoes, the good old-fashioned Sunday dinner courtesy of her mother, and dessert was chocolate cake and sweet wine. I was clearing the table, blowing out the candles, turning off the dining room lights. Her parents were washing dishes in the kitchen, and Gail, she was looking out the window into the yard.
I found her a few minutes later, pulling on her jacket and mud boots in the front hall. She asked if I wanted to join her for a walk, that it might be romantic, and smiled her little grin with sparkling eyes. No, I said, the wine
  14.The Bride of Autumn by Meredyth   15.Verfall by NoctiLuna
16.Autumn Shades of Middle-earth by Valentina-Mustajarvi

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Sieskja Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012   Traditional Artist
15 = 3 points. All that makes me melancholic in autumn: the last flowers, rain, birds' migration... Beautiful poem also ♥
16 = 2 points. Wonderful as usual, and with the color.. ♥
6 = 1 point. I love the concept!
sefeli Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
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It was hard to decide, so many beautiful entry.
Congratulation to the artists :)
palet-pod Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
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Otherra Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012   Traditional Artist
I will be voting tuesday, after my finals are over =) I do not want to vote when I have not read and seen everything yet. Please remind me if I forget it xD haha
STelari Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Ok, I'll note that (:
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