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Submitted on
March 23, 2013


31 (who?)
This contest has ended. The winners announement can be found here.

When a tree falls deep in a forest, does it make any sound?

Aokigahara, Mirkwood, the Forbidden Forest, forests North of the Wall... they all contain mysteries that you'd really not like to uncover by yourself. Tell us a story - what have you found in your imagination? A labyrinth, witch's hut on hen's pud, a pond inhabitated by kelpie, a troll, or something much more terrifying and sinister?

You know what your task is. Please remember that this is GrimGloomTale, and not ThrowAnyPileOfTreesIn.
If you feel like doing a research on any of the places mentioned above, please note that Aokigahara forest is a real one and photos found can be really not safe for work.

We've got a special folder for the entries. It can be accessed here. If your submission gets accepted, I will edit this entry and your piece will be featured here, so everybody could see how awesome things you can do. There are allowed all the techniques you may find in our gallery, and remember, it must fit The Rules.

    :bulletblack:Deadline: the 24th of May 2013.
    :bulletblack:Limit of submissions: one piece per member.
    :bulletblack:The entry can be old or new (but new gets +3 points).
    :bulletblack:You must be a member to participate.

How to vote - first, second and third place - are choosen by you. Every entry have its own number, so voting looks like this: in a comment you write three (no more and no less) numbers and points - three points for your most favourite one, two points for your preferable second place and one point for the third. So it should look like this:

    10. 3 points
    21. 2 points
    4. 1 point

Remember - all of the submissions deserve your attention, which means also reading the literature ones. Voting will be closed after two weeks (the 7th of June). Deviations prepared specially for the contest get +3 points. The deviation with the highest number of points is the winning one. After the votes are counted, I shall choose a deviation which gets the distinction (from all the submissions except the 3 winners).


All the winners will have a feature in our group. Also, they will be featured by Asfodelo, The-GoblinQueen, Meredyth, akitku, NoctiLuna, DianaGrigore, erinclaireb, Angelles-LaVeau, SandraHultsved, Sieskja, Doertchen, STelari and Realm-of-Fantasy.

    :bulletblack:First Place

      - a coloured illustration from BeckyDIllustrations - a small ink drawing from Kaelycea - a small painting from erinclaireb - 2 postcards (of Whisper and Love escape) from SandraHultsved - an ACEO from Inku-inku - a drawing from Ytril - a simple drawing from Asfodelo - a sketch from STelari - 100 points from Angelles-LaVeau - 100 points from Kaelycea - 50 points from BeckyDIllustrations - 50 points from ZawArt

    :bulletblack:Second Place

      - a coloured illustration from BeckyDIllustrations - a sketch from Ytril - a sketch from STelari - 75 points from Angelles-LaVeau - 40 points from RiseRedMoon - 30 points from ZawArt

    :bulletblack:Third Place

      - a line art illustration from BeckyDIllustrations - a sketch from Ytril - a sketch from STelari - 50 points from Angelles-LaVeau - 30 points from RiseRedMoon - 20 points from ZawArt


      - a drawing from NoctiLuna - a simple drawing from Asfodelo - a sketch from Ytril - 2 sketches from STelari - 30 points from RiseRedMoon - 30 points from ZawArt - 25 points from Angelles-LaVeau

    Have a great Spring and good luck! Telari


1.Take a Walk by Madame-Hobnob   2.Swamp Creeper by SkylaStarDreamer   3.Deep in the Woods by Jolly-Imp
4.Winner by Obman-Veschestv   5.The Nymph at the Bottom of the Garden by erinclaireb   6.White Boar by joolita
7.You should have taken the other path... by PurpleRedRose   8. Into Her Realm    Alone and unknown, lost and afraid.  That was how he felt as he was running through the woods, a forest of shadows and nightmares.  Eyes of hidden beasts glowed as gold as the harvest moon and red as blood, watching the man in torn rags stolen from a dead vagabond. 
    He could feel their starving eyes on his bleeding wounds as the life slowly poured out from his broken flesh.  Time passed slowly through his fingers as his end slowly began to show its dark and merciless face.  There was no hope for him as Fate itself seemed to wish him to suffer slowly before he met his Maker.
    His foot met with an exposed root of an ancient tree, allowing his face to fall into a lake of moss and regret.  Weeds of water wrapped themselves around his exposed and bleeding limbs as he struggled to reach the surface.  His movements only seemed to tighten the grip of his prison until he finally surrendered.
  9.Rabbit Hunting by yanadhyana
10.Seamy side of the Forest by Ilman-Lintu   11.Spiders in the Woods by Brandon1920   12.Triptych by ZawArt
13.What happens to the bad boys... by Sieskja   14.Darkwatch by tymora11   15.Metsaosku the wood elf 3 by Boggleboy
16.Nym, enjoying our garden by ShirleysStudio   17.Mushroom Farmer Goblin by The-GoblinQueen   18.It's only a matter of time ~ by GrinningInsanity
19. White Winter SpiritsWe had forgotten long ago. All of our precious memories had been wrapped meticulously inside our red scarves and animal skin coats, free from the mind but kept close to skin for safekeeping. Like loved children bundled in winter fabric, we are fragile inside our layered past; like lost children forgotten by all we know, we wander aimlessly. Our minds are tainted with the constant ache of homesickness- the stars blazing overhead through the flurry of snow never stops urging us onwards, to seek the stars we remember from home.
In silence, our pack travels. The snow, our shroud, makes no noise as we step upon its banks; the forest, dead from the sting of winter, voices no protests as we wander in its depths; the pack, its individual persons scattered, fights the relentless wind to reach our unattainable goal.
Our ethereal bodies are unable to be touched by the world in which we once lived. Our boots leave no tracks in the snow, nor does our heaving breath leave fog in the air. The memorie
  20.Sacrifice by Heidieeh   21.Gris by Harkalya
22.Meroh hidden in the forest by Ytril   23.Spring in Aokigahara by Mourkhayn   24.Hidden in the Taiga: A Promise for Rebirth by charcoalfeather
25.Forestal ones by jordgubbsanka   26. The Forest of Wolves"The Forest of Wolves"
Deafening winds roar tonight - I can barely hear
Total darkness looms near - I can barely see
Acrid odor burns my nostrils - I can barely smell
Winds howl around the trees
stretching to the unseen
Sharp and cold - piercing me
Floating fangs in between
It cuts my skin as if to paralyze
Misdirecting howls - the true oath is unclear
Darkness is not the enemy - it lies within
Left to decay with no proper burial
The desecration of their corpses
summoned a great wrath and apparition
It left me surrounded by the forest
and the howling order - it goes on
False nails clawing at the throat
Total sensory immersion
False state of sanctity abandoned
Forest knows your fate
False pride is shredded to waste
You look at yourself
False innocence - immunity lost
Wolves give your fate
  27.Forest Family by TrollGirl
28.Equinox by GrantPB   29.hunting in the woods by crisquinu   30.Hidden In The Forest by yodaman293
31.:thumb373513359:   32.Forbidden Forest by Link-of-the-twilight
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tymora11 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

14: 3 points
3: 2 points
31: 1 point
BricksandStones Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013
Sorry I am a bit late, I hope there is still time to vote!
31 - 3 points
18 - 2 points
1 - 1 point
Heidhrekr Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013
11. 3 points
13. 2 points
6. 1 point
Taisiya Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
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NoctiLuna Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So sad I didn't get an entry done :( But I found some magnificent artists while browsing through the entries <3

9. 3 points
2. 2 points
19. 1 point
STelari Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Perhaps the next time (:
Sieskja Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013   Traditional Artist
11. 3 points
18. 2 points
6. 1 point
Fraeya Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very difficult choice, for sure, but here is mine:

19. 3 points
1. 2 points
29. 1 point
EstrellaCorazon Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
12. 3 points
29. 2 points
19. 1 point
SandraHultsved Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
29. 3p
20. 2p
19. 1p
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