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Submitted on
June 12, 2013


31 (who?)
This contest has ended. The winners announement can be found here.

-Mr. Bilbo, where are you off to?
-I'm going on an adventure!

The very recent release of The Desolation of Smaug trailer quite inspired this contest's theme. It's just six months to go! Your task in this contest is not simply to draw a character or place from the Middle-earth, that would be just another boring Tolkien competition, wouldn't it?

Fire. Mountain(s). Ruins. Shadow. Flower. Treasure. Couple. Smoke. Lights.

9 words for one quest! Your entry must include at least 3 of these things (and you should mention the ones you've picked in your deviation's description). It must refer to something that actually happened in the Middle-earth or other realms from its dimention described by Tolkien. Entries showing nothing but a character posing like a statue or copied screenshots from the movies won't be accepted, this is GrimGloomTale, not GrimGloomModel.

Don't be afraid of interpreting them as wild as you can! Smoke, for example, could be Smaug's breath, could be the one rising above Minas Tirith after the siege, but it could be Merry and Pippin smoking under the Green Dragon.

We've got a special folder for the entries. It can be accessed here. If your submission gets accepted, I will edit this entry and your piece will be featured here, so everybody could see how awesome things you can do. There are allowed all the techniques you may find in our gallery, and remember, it must fit The Rules.

In the winners announcement of our previous contest I asked about changing the rules for entries - to make our contest available only for works prepared specifically for the competition - and after receiving your replies here we go.

    :bulletblack:Deadline: the 8th of August 2013 the 22nd of August 2013
    :bulletblack:Limit of submissions: one piece per member.
    :bulletblack:The entry must be prepared for the contest precisely and submitted after the 12th of June.
    :bulletblack:You must be a member to participate.


Newly updated prizes are marked with a :bulletblue:.
All the winners will have a feature in our group. Also, they will be featured by NoctiLuna, MirachRavaia, QuenWrites, Doertchen, Meredyth, erinclaireb, Sieskja, STelari, TheLotRClub, Elves-of-Tolkien and Arda-Inspired.

    :bulletblack:First Place

      - a literature commission from QuenWrites - an ink drawing with limited background from joolita - a small painting from erinclaireb - a drawing from Ytril - a sketch from STelari - 300 points from SRudy

    :bulletblack:Second Place

      - an ACEO from joolita - a sketch from NoctiLuna - a sketch from STelari - a sketch from Ytril - 200 points from SRudy

    :bulletblack:Third Place

      - an ACEO from joolita - a sketch from STelari - a sketch from Ytril - 100 points from SRudy


      - an ACEO from joolita - a postcard print of Read yourself comfortable from STelari - 2 sketches from STelari - a sketch from Ytril

Looking for prizes, think of it!

    Have a great Summer and good luck! Telari


1.The Witch King by Entar0178   2.Distant Light by hallosse   3.Smaug by rebeccahirst
4. Composed by the Virtuoso,There was a song –
a lithe melody to brighten and bound through shadow,
an orchestra to spread a brilliant fire beyond any semblance of dream.
What a majesty –
a rapturous sound from the echo of each echo,
an aria expounding Ilúvatar’s marvelous theme:
           In Eä, among stars and nebulae,
           crescendos and poignant notes interchange,
           and the composition creates a splendid world.
           Arda is designed in this rhapsody,
           and a mountainous undertone crafts the land –
           trees spring and sprout at the clarion and trumpet intertwined,
           waters cascade with the violin, still with the barry saxophone,
           and at the soft harp, young figures are laid into lif
  5.I Sang of Leaves by MirachRavaia   6. Day 172: SmeagolLife in ruins, destroyed
countless birthdays before
by greed and a glitter
on a river's floor.
Life of shadow, buried
beneath mountain stone
cradling a treasure.
From murder, madness grows.
But this induced joy is fleeting,
fire leaps from a spark,
a whole world up-ended
by riddles in the dark.

7.From creation to farewell by Beltaneh   8.Saruman, come forth ! by Sieskja   9.Promenade with Treebeard by Kafkami
10.Witchking of Angmar by SRudy   11.Tuor and Voronwe to Turgon's Hidden Kingdom - Inks by Cilab   12.The Lair of the Wyrm by charcoalfeather
13.Beorn the skin-changer by akitku   14.Leaving Gondolin by Dulliros   15.Carcharoth by HazelFibonacci
16.Escaping from vargs by Valentina-Mustajarvi   17.The Lord of Gifts by sofieoldberg   18.Nazgul's Treasure by AnnEnchanted
19.In the Shelob's lair by AiryFairyWish
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Meredyth Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Well, then:

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<font size="2">It was just so difficult to decide....</font>

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